Unleash Your Strengths
Unleash Your Strengths

We're creating a community of people determined to unleash their strengths

Unleash Your Strengths on your Business, Marriage, Health, Relationships & More!

Eddie & the Unleash Your Strengths Community

Eddie Villa is a doTERRA Blue Diamond leader, podcaster, author, and multiple six figure earner in two businesses. With the help of Strengths, he found his voice, and his passion. He spent over a year analyzing 1000 Strengths Reports for free in order to master his craft. 

Find out more at eddiepvilla.com 

You should join us if....

You are one of the following.....  

- High level network marketing professionals who have a team of people who are struggling with doing the business authentically. These people can't duplicate themselves effectively and need tools to help their team do the business "their way." 

- Mid-level entrepreneurs who want more success, specifically in network marketing, online influencing, and course creation. You're making $2,000 - $3,000 per month in your business and you just want to take it to the next level and help more people.

- Professionals who are trying to enhance their side gig/side hustle and create more income and progress in both their career and their side business.

- Part time entrepreneurs who struggle with belief in themselves, who question whether they have to become someone they're not in order to finally have success.


Thank you to all the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the Unleash Your Strengths Community. These people believed in Eddie before he knew if the community would work. They invested in lifetime access and have been forever changed by it. 

We are indebted to you because you proved to us that: